Katerina Nomicos , M Partner

Managing Partner of the Greek office based in London. Katerina is an experienced Greek lawyer, accredited mediator in Greece and UK Solicitor. She specialises in international taxation and comparative law and litigation between UK and Greece. Katerina’s clientele is HNWI’s mainly based in the UK, US and Europe. Most of the cases she has undertaken have a an international and cross border element. Among the most recently undertaken challenging cases she has carried out successfully, are comparative tax planning among Spain, US, France from a UK tax perspective related to the most tax efficient regime for new employees hiring, tax structure and negotiations resulting from HNWI’s divorce settlement, comparative advise between UK and Greek family law and carrying out of proceedings related to child removal from UK jurisdiction, tax planning of complicated property schemes in the UK and Greece. Furthermore, another major part of Katerina’s assignments relates to start ups mainly in technology (e-commerce in the tourism service industry) with emphasis in GDPR compliance. In the past, Katerina has also worked for multinational clients in construction energy industry (ICC arbitration), whereas she was the general counsel of an investment bank for four years. Recently she is focusing also on business development, which among others relates to waste management technology and cross jurisdictional issues between Uzbekistan and the UK/Greece related to waste management.

Vassilis Binios , Consulting Partner
Mobile: +30 6932190346 / Skype: Binios Vassilis.

“I have worked with Vassilis for more than ten years. He is extremely professional, with a high level of integrity and a thorough knowledge of his field “

Babis Vaggelatos, President and CeO at VanGroup.Inc, Athen

What he’s best at:  

Vassilis began his career within private corporations, dealing primarily with corporate legal issues and litigation. Following this, he established and worked as legal Counsel of the Brazilian and Portuguese embassy in Athens, gaining further expertise in contracts, bilateral matters of civil, commercial and financial nature, corporate finance and tax issues relating to investment. In private practice he represented major private corporations in trade agreements on transport, energy and bunkering with state and private entities of many African countries, mainly Angola and Mozambique. Vassilis has extensive experience in corporate, contracts, commercial and trade services and recently in the shipping and international private law . His client base is international. He operates from Sao Paolo and Athens.

Who he works for:

  • National utilities companies
  • International retailers
  • National franchises
  • Solicitors and legal counsels
  • Corporations

Expertise in: Corporate Law & Business Development

VASILIS I. CHATZIGRIVAS, Consulting partner
Qualified Greek Lawyer, member of the Athens Bar Association +

Vasilis is an experienced lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in financial crime , tax litigation and private insurance/claims litigation. Indicatively Vasilis has attended numerous hearings in criminal Courts for tax evasion, in tax courts and the supreme tax court of appeals for cancellation of tax assessments imposed by the Greek tax office. Currently, Vasilis is representing indemnity claim against the Greek state for enacting EU forbidden state subsidy, indemnity claim against the stock market committee and attends hearings of various felonies related to financial crime (embezzlement, fraud etc)

Pavlos Dimitriadis
Qualified Greek Lawyer, member of the Athens Bar Association +

Pavlos practice area is immigration law and he is the basic member of our North of Greece team. Pavlos has been the legal counsel of Russian, Ukrainian, and Georgian Embassy in Thessaloniki since 2015 and has worked with all the consulates of the former Soviet Union, while he participated as a coordinator in many seminars re Greek immigration rules and new developments. Pavlos has handled more than 200 immigration law cases most of them with particular complications. In addition, most of Pavlos clientele is international mainly from Russia and Turkey (including also celebrities). Pavlos is fluent in Russian, Turkish, English and Greek.

Stelios Grigoriou

Stelios is an experienced Greek lawyer has extensive litigation experience including Supreme Court of Greece and Council of State. He has extensive experience with Project Finance, Banking Law, Foreign Direct Investment, Procedures and respective disputes. Stelios has also successfully carried out pro bono work with philanthropic Organisations in Greece – Charities and Trusts. Stelios is a senior member of the Athens Bar Association, Economist (BSc – University of Athens), Accredited Mediator (Ministry of Justice) Chartered Arbitrator (EODID – DELOS Dispute Resolutionof Greek Ministry of Justice), member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the Arbitration Court in Greece and a member of EFILA (European Federation for Investment and Arbitration) .

Among the professionally challenging cases that Stelios has successfully handled are the following:

*Counsel in the context of a Mediation ordered by the Federal Court of Pennsylvania concerning a helicopter crash with 17 dead people

* Counsel in numerous domestic and foreign Arbitrations (i.e. Florence ad hoc Maritime, Czech Arbitration Court, London ad hoc etc).·

* Has dealt with the legal parameters of a case related to a VIP helicopter crash with Patriarch of Alexandria