Cyrille Nafta

Personal Information

  • Position: Our Lebanese and Saudi Arabian desk, The Edge law firm

Cyrille Naffah is a seasoned commercial and corporate lawyer with over 25 years of experience (admitted to practice law in Lebanon) having advised several Fortune 500 companies doing business in both Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. He has practiced law both in private practice and as in-house counsel in some of the finest global and regional law firms and multinational corporations. Cyrille has focused his practice on franchising, distribution, commercial agencies, TMT, company formation and restructuring, M&A and other areas of the law.

Cyrille has acted as the Head of the Legal Department of a leading companies in the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia and UAE). During his tenure, Cyrille worked extensively on developing a corporate governance program for his clients and as part of this key mandate, completed the following tasks

-Consolidated the ownership of the Group companies under the umbrella of the ultimate holding company;

-Implemented the authority matrix defined by the top management and reflected it in the companies’ Articles of Association and supplemented it with a Letter of Undertaking signed by all the General; Managers defining the limits of their powers from a legal and financial perspective;

-Amended the Articles of Association of all of our operating companies to add all waste activities these are likely to undertake;

-Developed a set of compliance policies and procedures including a Code of Ethics, a gift policy and a conflict of interests’ policy;

-Developed a checklist of matters that would form the substance of the legal audit performed on all of our operating companies;

-Developed a Corporate Governance program including the following components:

  • Corporate governance policy.
  • Corporate governance charters (Audit Committee, Nomination and Compensation Committee etc…).
  • Corporate governance questionnaire to be filled out by the members of the Board of Directors.