Rebekah Manning

Personal Information

  • Position: Associate in residential conveyancing under Tiger law SRA regulated practice, UK jurisdiction

Rebekah started working with Vanessa closely as the practice manager of Vanessa’s Tiger Law practice to later discover her passion for residential property.

Rebekah started her early career in banking and later the pensions sector. Having found a passion and flair for property work, she went on to train in residential property in her own right.

Rebekah has demonstrated remarkable professionalism taking to client care, use of tech, and maintaining an eagle eye over her department like a fish to water. Her passion and expertise in this area have propelled her to the position of Head of Residential Property at our associate SRA-regulated practice, Tiger Law.

Rebekah’s focus on delivering exceptional service to clients has been the driving force behind her success. Her tireless efforts have resulted in the creation of a truly exceptional and unparalleled service. She has developed a unique technological platform that facilitates clear and effective communication among all parties involved in the conveyancing process.